Art With Intentions

By Regina Viqueira Rossi

What does it mean to make art with intentions? In our history as humankind, we have made art to connect with the divine, tell our stories, express unspoken feelings, and confess unrequited love. We have even made art to question the definition itself. There is no singular motivation for making. No singular definition of art. 

There are many “art worlds” and many ways to define the practice.

"The Cave" by Erin Kuhn
“The Cave” by Erin Kuhn

Art can be a modality of energy healing. It can be a way of life, a philosophy, and even a religion. In making there is opportunity for healing (and frustrations). The alchemy of expression is powerful. And, in sharing our artwork, an even more powerful, global, healing is possible.

At With Intentions Holistic Studio, we curate exhibitions to raise vibrations. Many of the artists shown engage with ideas of spirituality and the freeing of the subconscious through the process of artmaking. However, there is no specific “spiritual” aesthetic or subject matter. Rather, our intention is to expand the scope of healing through the visions and expressions of today’s artists.

Nikki Daviau,"Root" (detail) from the inaugural exhibition, Art Show With Intentions.
Nikki Daviau,”Root” (detail)

In our inaugural exhibition, we put out the call for art “with Intentions” and found that it resonated with many. Many whom had never found a space that brought together spirituality and creativity in this way. It affirmed our belief in our gallery’s mission. We took it further to ask, how can art transform our lives in meaningful, spiritual ways? How do artists transform our earthly experience into something transcendent?

In the history of artmaking, visionaries have presented their perception of life in this realm and beyond.  They have captured moments in time and given them immortality. They have made visible the phenomenon that is often overlooked, offering the potential of what could be…

Rachel Ingrid, "Primal" from the art exhibition, Transform With Intentions.
Rachel Ingrid, “Primal”

We encountered artists that explore transformation of self in a time of change, transformation between dualities of existence, transformation of insect, animal, and mystical beings with whom we share our experience as beings of real and imagined space.

The exhibitions invite community to explore their own creative gifts, to enter into portals and emerge transformed.

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