With Intentions Holistic Studio presents a unique vision for the arts. Our exhibitions and art gallery is framed by the intention of raising vibrations through the energetic practice of creativity. We showcase local, emerging, and internationally recognized artists in a space where we host practices of mind, body, and spirit. In making art we can heal ourselves, in sharing art we can heal the world…

Open Call

“Go with the Flow”
Exhibition July 1 – September 10th 
Opening Reception: Friday, July 1st 7pm 

Description: Open call to submit artwork with an Oceans/Water theme. Accepting works of all mediums that are ready to hang/exhibit. Submit up to (4) artworks with a statement/bio, description of work (title, medium, size), and images via email to hello@withintentions.com.
Submission Deadline: June 5th at 11:59pm
Artists Notified by Thursday, June 9th
Artwork must be delivered by Saturday, June 18th at 3:59pm

Current Exhibition

Spring Cleaning 2.0
Exhibition run Friday, April 1 – Saturday, June 11th

With Intentions Holistic Studio presents the second annual Spring Cleaning Art Show! 
Spring Cleaning 2.0 is an invitation for artists to look back and let go, to show the work that is off-brand, experimental, or even a throwback. Sometimes we hold on to things that no longer serve us. Other times we hold back for fear of judgment. So, here we are to say, it’s time for a Spring Cleaning, dirty laundry and everything. Let’s air it out together…

Exhibiting artists Lauren Bohrman, Andrea Brooke, Dean Caprario, DARKRECONSTRUCTION, Nikki Daviau, Carolina Dellafiori, Jill D’Oronzo, Alexis Flack, Caitie Kohl, Andrea Maullela, Carla Valentino, and Regina Viqueira


OPENING RECEPTION, Friday, April 1st from 6-9pm

Thank you for joining us to Celebrate Spring Cleaning 2.0! We had a great time doing the CLOTHING & CRYSTAL SWAP, as well as connecting with you! Thank you to Josh Zuckerman for an excellent musical performance!

Such Great Light
“Art is not to throw light but to be light…” ― Kenneth Patchen

With Intentions Holistic Studio presents “Such Great Light,” a group art exhibition of works by Nicole Bee, Emily Gilman Beezley, Nikki Daviau, Erica Dolphin, Alexis Flack, Erin Kuhn, Cassidy Magee, Matt Pazik, Deborah Pohl, Taylor Piscopo, Carla Valentino, and Laura Young.

Each day that we rise, we can choose to embody the light or the shadow. There is a time for both, and when one is forward the other is behind in balance. The light can be our love, guide, inspiration, truth, spirit, and so much more… And so, we invite artists to join us for a celebration of light.

Exhibition run Friday, January 14th, 2021 – Thursday, March 3rd, 2022.

Artist Roundtable Talk

Saturday, February 26th at 4-5pm
(Watch Live streamed on Instagram @With.Intentions and in-studio)

Join us online or in-person for the Artist Roundtable talk to hear from some of the artists about their process, inspiration and more! Co-owner, Regina will host participating artists: Emily Gilman Beezley, Nikki Daviau, Erica Dolphin, and Alexis Flack.

With Intentions Holistic Studio presents “I Wonder…”, a group exhibition on view from Friday, October 8, 2021 – Tuesday, December, 21, 2021.

“I Wonder…” exhibits work by Emily Gilman Beezley, Dean Caprario, Joseph Cotugno, Lucijana Lucin, Matt Pazik, Taylor Piscopo, Janet Rackham, Reggie Rossi, Katie Truk, and Carla Valentino.

Through painting, drawing, photography, and mixed media works, “I Wonder…” offers responses to questions such as what if, what is, and simply why? The exhibition invites the viewer to wander the natural world alongside the artist or go within the unknown of our own nature. Join us to awaken wonder and awe in your own life.

Explore the Exhibition
Exhibition Run: July 24th – September 25th, 2021
Reception: Saturday, July 24th from 6-8:30pm

Spring Cleaning Group Art Exhibition at With Intentions Holistic Studio & Art Gallery.

Explore the Exhibition
Exhibition Run: March 27th – June 7th, 2021

At the new year, With Intentions presents New Beginnings, a group exhibition in Belmar/Lake Como, NJ at the Jersey Shore.

New Beginnings

In the quiet of the winter, the world whispers possibilities of new life to come… New Beginnings A group exhibition of Lauren Bohrman, Andrea Brooke, DARKRECONSTRUCTION, Tali Rose Krupkin, Erin Kuhn, Carla Valentino, and Elisa Waller. Based in New Jersey and New York, many of the artists engage with ideas of spirituality and the freeing of the subconscious through the process of artmaking. 

Transform With Intentions presents transformative artwork in the fall of 2020 at With Intentions Holistic Studio in Belmar/Lake Como, NJ.

Transform With Intentions

Exhibition: October 2nd – November 28th
Reception on Saturday, November 14th

An exhibition of transformative artwork by artists Jo Ann Arena, Erin Kuhn, Rachel Ingrid, Qzaques, Serenity, Regina Viqueira, and Elisa Waller. 

Sacred Geometry Art by Deirdre Stietzel can help guide you in your meditation and rise in awareness. Available for sale at With Intentions Holistic Studio & Art Gallery.

Sacred Geometry Pop-up Exhibition With Deirdre Stietzel

September 16th – September 30th, 2020

Introducing Sacred Geometry Art by Deirdre Stietzel. Now available for purchase at With Intentions Holistic Studio. Collect original Sacred Geometry drawings and prints to use in your meditation practice, raise vibrations in your space, and help you rise in awareness.

With Intentions Holistic Studio in Lake Como / Belmar, NJ presents the inaugural art exhibition July 2020.

Art Show With Intentions

Exhibition: July 18 – September 12, 2020

The inaugural exhibition, Art Show With Intentions, presented artworks by local artists Nikki Daviau, Rachel Ingrid, Vera Solowej, and Eileen Sweeney. 

Our Gallery is curated by co-owner and artist, Regina Viqueira Rossi. With a background in education, community organizing, and non-profit development, Regina seeks to empower everyone to explore their creative gifts through the making and appreciation of art. Learn more about her art and social practice at reggierossi.com

Submit artwork, artisan goods, and more to the art gallery at With Intentions Holistic Studio at the Jersey Shore.

Are you an artist, maker, or creative?

Contact us below or at hello@withintentions.com for opportunities to share and sell art, artisan goods, healing tools and more.