New Beginnings

In the quiet of the winter, the world whispers possibilities of of new life to come…

With Intentions Holistic Studio presents New Beginnings, a group exhibition on view January 16th – March 16th, 2021 in studio and online.

In an unprecedented time, reality has never revealed itself to be a more surreal experience. Now in the quiet of the winter, the world whispers possibilities of new life to come. New Beginnings presents work that explores ideas of budding life, awakening, and renewal by means of abstraction, symbolism, and repurposed materials.

Throughout the exhibition, enjoy virtual artist talks, studio visits, and exhibition walk throughs. Visit the gallery during shop hours, Tuesday – Thursday from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm at With Intentions Holistic Studio, 1700 Main St, Lake Como, NJ 07719 (corner storefront on 17th and Main in Belmar/Lake Como).

Join us in-studio on Saturday, March 13th at 6:00 pm for a closing reception– Free and open to the public, but space is limited.

Details and RSVP for the Open House Artist Reception

Meet the Artists

Based in New Jersey and New York, many of the artists engage with ideas of spirituality and the freeing of the subconscious through the process of artmaking. 

Lauren Bohrman, Andrea Brooke, DARKRECONSTRUCTION, Tali Rose Krupkin, Erin Kuhn, Carla Valentino, and Elisa Waller

Explore the Exhibition
Join us for artist talks, exhibition walkthroughs, studio visits, and more!

Saturday, February 6th – Virtual Introduction to Value and Shading with Lauren Bohrman
11:00 am – 12:00 pm on Zoom – Free, Please RSVP

Thursday, February 18th – Artist Talk with Tali Rose Kupkin
1:00 pm on Instagram Live @with.intentionsLink to Video

Saturday, February 20th – Exhibition Walkthrough and Artist Talk with Erin Kuhn
1:00 pm on Instagram Live @with.intentionsLink to Video

Saturday, February 20th – Virtual introduction to Value and Shading with Lauren Bohrman
5:00 – 6:00pm on Zoom – Free, Please RSVP

Saturday, February 27th – Studio Visit with Elisa Waller
3:00 pm on Instagram Live @with.intentionsLink to Video

Saturday, March 6th – Studio Visit with DARKRECONSTRUCTION
2:00 pm on Instagram Live @with.intentions Link to Video

Create with Andrea BrookeLink to Video


Lauren Bohrman
Lauren Bohrman, “Lighten Up,” acrylic and oil on canvas, 16″ x 20″. 

My art is a reflection of my inner world and the process of creating is an exercise in self awareness. Painting reflections and abstract shapes allows me to witness my learned behaviors and subconscious programming. When I identify a familiar habit or impulse, I consciously decide if I need to take a step back and think more slowly, or step out of my comfort zone and color outside the lines. All of the marks, colors and values work together and are arranged in such a way to achieve balance, harmony, and a sense of wholeness. My work and the process of creating is a way for me to take a deeper look within and practice listening more intently to my intuition and inner guidance. Each piece and its journey of creation tells me something I needed to hear and lets me practice living more tuned in to my greatest good.

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Andrea Brooke
Andrea Brooke, “Winter Solstice Moon Goddess,” mixed media photography and watercolor.

Andrea Brooke D’Alessandro studied Photography and fine arts at The University of The Arts Philadelphia, P.A. Shorty after her studies, Andrea moved to Jersey City, N.J. in 2012 to pursue her career as a fine artist. She became involved in multiple emerging artist residencies, exhibiting her photography in the New York metropolitan area and the Delaware Valley region. Andrea pushes the boundaries in fine art photography by experimenting with exposures and water colors. Her long and double exposure images conjure feelings of enchantment, while her splashes of paint turn her monochrome images into something quite out of the ordinary.

Andrea then headed to the Jersey Shore in 2015, where she soon discovered her passion for wedding and lifestyle photography. Her fine art and film background allows her to push the traditional boundaries of photography in order to capture brief moments of emotion.

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DARKRECONSTRUCTION, “High Risk High Reward,” 14″ x 14″.

I am an emerging nonbinary queer artist working in acrylic and watercolor paints, creating abstract expressionist paintings, and a graphic designer with over a decade of experience. I currently live and create art in Queens, NY. 

My work focuses on the contrast between urban life and nature. I am inspired by concrete walls overgrown by ivy and tree branches, train underpasses covered in graffiti and grass, a strong New York summer rainstorm beating against my window, the decaying Red Hook warehouses, tiny alleys, and the way the air smells on the first few days of September. It is my aim to create paintings that bring a moment of serenity and calm to the viewer. Life is kind of a cycle of life, death, decay, and nourishment, and rebirth, and thriving, and then repeating it over again. Especially with life forms like algae, moss, mushrooms, etc – they just spring up wherever they’d like! It’s quite evident in the city where weeds grow from cracks, moss takes over walls, and mushrooms spring up on sidewalks by the parks.

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Tali ROSE Krupkin
Tali Rose Krupkin, At Last, hand cut paper collage on paper, 8″ x 10″.

Tali Rose Krupkin is an Israeli-American artist based in Jersey City, NJ. She attended Year Course in Israel, and went on to receive her BFA in Painting from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Tali is a member of the artist collective, Vision Coven.

I use collage to reactivate found materials, giving them a new life which parodies societal themes depicted in consumerism. I draw inspiration for my work from my own experiences as they relate to topics of feminism, spirituality and nature.

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Erin Kuhn
Erin Kuhn, “The Cave,” 16″ x 20″ mixed media painting on canvas © 2020. 

Erin Kuhn (of is an interdisciplinary artist who earned her BFA from MICA. Her work mixes digital and analog techniques, and is usually completed on canvas. She combines technical precision with playful and unpredictable traditional art media. Her work is inspired by feminism, syncretism, magic and mythology.

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Carla Valentino
Carla Valentino, “Blue Buddha of Serenity,” acrylic on canvas and rhinestones, 4’ x 3’.

I am a mixed media artist and art educator. I have been a fine arts teacher at Red Bank Catholic High School for the last 20 years. I am also a mixed media instructor for adults at Colorest Art Supplies in Red Bank.

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Elisa Waller
Elisa Waller, “Vision before the Dream (or I Can’t Wait to Know You),” mixed media on cardboard, 16″ x 20″.

I’m Elisa Waller, an artist from NJ. I teach middle school art and love combining visual art, music and poetry. I’m shy when comfortable and just want to lighten the load of life through my art. Fearless and free. Through painting, poetry, music and utilizing recycled materials my art reveals a psychological exit from internal battles. I aspire to remain energetic in my creativity and to lend a hand in our creative immortality.

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