Nikki Daviau Solo Exhibition



Exhibition July 24th – September 25th
Reception Saturday, July 24th from 6-8:30pm

Nikki Daviau was born in New England, and lived in five different states throughout her childhood. As a teenager, she moved to New Jersey where she completed her BA and MA. After living and traveling internationally Nikki came home to focus on teaching and explore her passion for painting. Currently, she works as a high school art teacher, and enjoys the adventure of sparking creativity and planting seeds of self growth and personal discovery each student.

Nikki’s intention in her artwork is to express magic as a reflection of the art of living life. This is just the beginning. Most of her paintings begin in spray paint and airbrushing, with intricate work in acrylic. Her signature is the figure with a subtle color spectrum pattern on the body, which represent the Chakra energies and the light that resides within the human experience. She calls these figures “Beings of light”.

The Solo Exhibition at With Intentions Holistic Studio will feature seven large mixed media paintings by Nikki Daviau, each one representing one of the main chakras.

Taking over two years, this series pays homage to the healing practice and philosophy of yoga. Daviau acknowledges the ancient practices of Hinduism and credits that to her own healing journey as well as the inspiration enshrined in this series. Her “Root” and “Solar Plexus” paintings were exhibited in our inaugural exhibition, Art Show With Intentions. Now at our one year anniversary and the completion of this series by Daviau, we welcome them back to the gallery and we welcome the community to find within the artwork a reflection of their own inner light.

Thank you for joining us on Saturday, July 24th from 6-8:30pm for the Opening Reception, featuring Nikki Daviau as well as other artists and practitioners in the community.

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