Transform With Intentions

Transform With Intentions
October 2nd – November 28th
Reception on Saturday, November 14th

With the arrival of fall, we find the days balancing dark and light… Welcoming spiritual transformation.

Each of us is invited to accept the impermanence of existence during this time. 

In the history of artmaking, visionaries have presented their perception of life in this realm and beyond.  They have captured moments in time and given them immortality. They have made visible the phenomenon that is often overlooked, offering the potential of what could be…

Join With Intentions for an exhibition of transformative artwork by artists Jo Ann Arena, Erin Kuhn, Rachel Ingrid, Qzaques, Serenity, Regina Viqueira, and Elisa Waller. 

Each artist offers a unique perspective… transformation of self in a time of change, transformation between dualities of existence, transformation of insect, animal, and mystical beings with whom we share our experience as beings of real and imagined space.

View and shop the exhibition in-studio and online October 2nd – November 28th.
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Enjoy more local artwork and artisan gifts by Nikki Daviau, Ken Dawe, Tennessee Hippie, Watershed Pottery, and Whimsical Witch.

With Intentions Holistic Studio
1700 Main Street, Lake Como, NJ 07719

View the exhibition during Shop Hours 
Tuesday – Friday 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Saturday 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Meet the Artists

Jo Ann Arena, Rachel Ingrid, Erin Kuhn, Ozaques, Serenity, Regina Viqueira, and Elisa Waller

View the exhibition online

Transform With Intentions Virtual Gallery

Virtual Walkthroughs and Visits

Join us on social media for virtual exhibition walkthroughs, studio visits, and more! View the schedule of virtual events below, and check back for more!

Saturday, October 17th at 2:00 pm
Exhibition Walkthrough with Elisa Waller on Instagram Live

Tuesday, October 20th at 12pm
Exhibition Walkthrough with Jo Ann Arena on Facebook Live

Thursday, October 22nd at 12pm
Exhibition Walkthrough with Erin Kuhn on Instagram Live

Saturday, October 24th at 6:00pmPostponed, TBA
Exhibition Walkthrough with Serenity on Instagram Live

Sunday, October 25th at 3:00pm
Exhibition Walkthrough with Rachel Ingrid on Instagram Live

Tuesday, October 27th at 12:00 pm
Exhibition Walkthrough with Regina Viqueira on Instagram Live

Thursday, November 5th
Virtual visit with Ozaques in Indonesia on YouTube 

Jo Ann Arena

Jo Ann Arena, "The Observer", watercolor,  H 16 1/2” X W 20” (WITH FRAME) - $210
Jo Ann Arena, “The Observer”, watercolor, H 16 1/2” X W 20” (WITH FRAME) – $210

From an early age, I loved to doodle and draw, observing the wonders of nature and putting it on paper. But I did not even think of sharing my work with anyone. At the time I did not relate well to the people in my life nor did I see how I fit into their culture.

Shortly after marrying in 1971, I took up painting but was discouraged by my spouse’s negative reactions to my work. Fast forward to the 1990s where, now divorced, I was practicing Yoga and attending philosophy classes, where I was learning more about meditation.

As a precursor to meditating, we did an exercise of pausing and focusing on one of our senses for a few minutes. It was in this practice that I had a reawakening of my love for nature, art, drawing, poetry and writing. I vowed to follow it through to fruition.

I took a few watercolor classes and learned the “rules” of that medium. But I soon realized my work seemed naturally to ignore the standards in favor of my own style which comes from within. While my art at times mixes unusual mediums, it speaks from my soul. My creative energy has led me to know my true identity as an artist.

Hopefully you will enjoy my (and other artist’s) work. To me, art is about sharing feelings of joy, love, pain, and life’s journeys. May you see my joy and know my truth through my art.


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Rachel Ingrid

Rachel Ingrid, "Primal" Mixed media on canvas. 60" x 48" - $1300
Rachel Ingrid, “Primal” Mixed media on canvas. 60″ x 48″ – $1300

Primarily a self taught artist, I create purely out of need to fulfill my inner urge to create. I love drawing inspiration for my artwork from all aspects of life. Life is a playful, colorful miracle; each day we are alive is an opportunity to experience joy and freedom, and this I hope to convey through my work. All pieces are original and handmade by myself. I hope to be able to spread beauty and whimsical flair to others in a way that inspires them on their own journey.

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Erin Kuhn

Erin Kuhn, “Liminal State,” 16” x 20” Framed archival print -- $250.
Erin Kuhn, “Liminal State,” 16” x 20” Framed archival print — $250.

Erin Kuhn is an interdisciplinary artist working in the NJ area. She earned her BFA from MICA in 2006 and has been exhibiting in group and solo shows. Her work combines technical precision and digital technology with playful and unpredictable traditional art media. Her work is inspired by spirituality, syncretism, mythology, feminism and art history.

“Liminal State” Each season is a period of transformation within our inner lives and the outer world. The Earth balances between light and dark, in a moment of equilibrium before tipping into the darker winter months. Liminality is a period of transformation and a stage between one state and the next. This piece allowed me to explore dualities: light and dark, physical and dream states, inner and outer worlds. This is a time to celebrate this wedge of balance; the cusp of transition we are sitting on, before the warmth and light wanes and we slip into the sleepy dark winter months.

instagram: peachf0x
facebook: LightFoxDesigns
etsy: LightFoxDesigns

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Ozaques, "Do you Forget the Little Things", Digital Print, 2020 - Price on request
Ozaques, “Do you Forget the Little Things”, Digital Print, 2020 – Price on request.

Ozaques was born in Yogyakarta (Indonesia), July 2, 1996 and has been a visual artist since 2016.  This year, he is in residency at Padepokan Seni Bagong Kussudiardja (PSBK). In 2017 he was in the Global Internship Study program at the Babaran Segaragunung Cultural House. Ozaques loves working with multidisciplinary methods, and uses it as a foundation to build a wealth of imagination, thoughts, and feelings. His work is the result of his interpretation of the diversity of social and cultural structures. His practice embraces the belief that we are like the universe, which should have balance in the ecosystem of life.

This work entitled “Do You Forget The Little Things” offers an awareness of our own existence through the lens of creatures such as caterpillars and butterflies. Our awareness can grow as we contemplate the energy of the cocoons hanging on the walls and roofs, on tree trunks, and plants around the house. These everyday observations of insect life have inspired the work, which reflects on this time of change. While we find it important to keep ourselves distanced during this time, we must wonder whether this “distance” is creating balance or isolation from the little things we neglect to notice in our universe.

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Serenity, "Precious Pixie" - $300
Serenity, “Precious Pixie” – $300

Serenity is a medicine woman, ceremonialist, and artist. She holds over ten years of rigorous, academic study in the arts of psychology, philosophy, religious studies, and fine art. Serenity has led various ceremonies and ecstatic dance for three years, weaving influences such as shamanism, reiki, and inclusive prayer into her craft.

As a graduate student in professional mental health counseling, with specialization in spirituality, Serenity is well attuned in bringing holistic modalities together to create inclusive spaces for all to come Home to themselves. In Transform WIth Intentions, Serenity offers two works, Cosmic Mermaid and Precious Pixie.

Cosmic Mermaid: Created to invoke thought and imagination, this mermaid makes her path through the cosmos, inviting us to explore the wonder of mystery and imagination and encouraging the viewer to see a world beyond the visual. A world of mystery and bliss; a world of wonder and child like imagination. See the world through multiple eyes, get lost in the many possibilities of what is. This mermaid comes equipped with the hand of protection, protecting the inner child while it explores the many caverns of creation. 

Precious Pixie: In a world where anything is possible; In a time where you can be whatever you choose to be, this Pixie reminds us that the possibilities of ourselves are infinite. Let no other decide who you are; Be free to express the creature that wells up inside of you fluidly. This pixie comes charged with a background of amethyst, rose quartz, selenite, and obsidian to guide us to the highest potential of the expression of ourselves, reminding us to open our heart to possibilities.

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Regina Viqueira

Regina Viqueira,  "Enthusiasm Still Abound”, 2015, Mixed media on canvas, 20" x 16"-- $250
Regina Viqueira,  “Enthusiasm Still Abound”, 2015, Mixed media on canvas, 20″ x 16”– $250

Regina Viqueira is a NJ-based artist, educator, and co-owner of With Intentions Holistic Studio, a loving space for community to raise vibrations through holistic and creative practices. In her practice, she often utilizes found, recycled, and reused materials, embracing considerations of access, consumerism, and environment. She is interested in aggrandizing the ubiquitous and exploring hybridity. As an educator, she is passionate about challenging a singular ethos of contemporary art by celebrating a spectrum of cultural contexts. Viqueira holds an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York, NY and a BA in Studio Art and Peace and Conflict Studies from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. She has exhibited work at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC, El Museo del Barrio in New York City, and PULSE Art Fair in Miami, among other spaces.

Art is a portal to new perspectives… It is an opportunity for transformation of self and our relationship with others and the beyond. In these works, Regina Viqueira explores the transformation of self that we as loving beings undergo every day. They are doors of possibility that we can choose to step through to explore all of what we can be and do in this temporal and spiritual experience.
instagram: @realtime.reggie

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Elisa Waller

Elisa Waller, "Troglodyte Series”, Acrylic painting, recycled canvas and other upcycled materials, Size 24x30 -- $125
Elisa Waller, “Troglodyte Series”, Acrylic painting, recycled canvas and other upcycled materials, Size 24×30 — $125

I’m Elisa Waller, an artist from NJ. Who also teaches middle school art. I’m interested in eclectic vibes, and the asymmetrical. 

We all have whiffs of wanting to create. We are born artists, with a desire to be creative, and like many; my years growing up were at times uneasy. Influenced by my past and enlivened by today. Through painting and utilizing recycled materials my art reveals a psychological exit from internal battles. I aspire to remain energetic in my creativity and to lend a hand in creative immortality. 

“Troglodyte”  A Troglodyte is a person who inhabits a cave.  These faces are a series of portraits created at the height of the Covid19 quarantine. I felt so fenced in, I anxiously pondered this alone time as if living in a cave, my thoughts were about the virus and how vulnerable our human senses are. A poem coincides with each face (check my Instagram), a halo of hope surrounds their heads. The fear and frenzy of my mind was transformed onto canvas, highlighting the entrance into the human body and my impulsive thoughts which are insinuated by the crinkled and worried brows, no matter what culture is affected.

instagram: @wherei.go

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