Aura Readings 3-3-22

In these changing times , how would you like to see yourself in an entirely fresh light?

Come and experience the phenomena of seeing your energetic signature in living color. It is as if a mirror is showing you your energy, your radiance and your personal essence.

Singing Bowl Aura Reading, What to expect…

You will be immersed in a private crystal singing bowl sound bath, while your aura reading is recorded. You will receive a video of your aura reading, which will show shifts in your energetic signature throughout the duration of the sound bath. This Singing Bowl Aura Reading experience is $75.00, which will include the private singing bowl sound bath and video recording of your aura reading.

Aura Photography Reading, What to expect…

This Aura Photo experience is $35.00… which includes a simple overview of the process, your personal scan printed out in color, a short discussion about your Chakra and Aura size shape and color, what that all means, and an emailed 23 page report explaining your scan generated from the software. You can expect all of this to take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. If you have had your aura photo taken before please feel free to bring it along for some fun comparison.