This is a blog with intentions. Intentions to raise vibrations, share love, and build connections among community.

Read about meditation, fine art, holistic healing, magic, metaphysical tools, and more…

  • The Power of Three With Intentions
    There is an undeniable understanding that are many people on our soul wavelength. We have soulmates, soul sisters, soul brothers, soul family… We often search for years to find those who understand us, who see us for the people we are… that connect to our soul body and embrace us …
  • Art With Intentions
    What does it mean to make art with intentions? In our history as humankind, we have made art to connect with the divine, tell our stories, express unspoken feelings, and confess unrequited love. We have even made art to question the definition itself. There is no singular motivation for making. No singular definition of art.
  • A Home With Intentions
    Every memory, every thought, and every movement has given something to your home. Raise vibrations in your home with handmade decor and art.