Every Last Wednesday of the Month

With Shannon Hawley

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Let go of what no longer serves you and breathe into a new month.

Breathwork is a powerful experiential tool and process that allows deep self-exploration, transformation, and healing at all levels of self. Drawing on ancient healing and spiritual practices, Breathwork uses the power of breath, essential oils and music to help you access a non-ordinary state of consciousness. It is an active meditation using a three-part breath, while laying in savasana, that allows you to bypass the executive functioning and drop into your heart. It is a powerful transformational experience where you can release emotional debris and mental tension that has gotten stuck or built up in the body.  It can feel like a cleansing and purification of the heart.

Breathwork supports you in creating a conscious, kind, and intimate relationship with yourself. You learn to hold yourself through difficulty with groundedness and grace. You learn to hold yourself through triggers and activations with love and patience. You learn to speak to yourself with tenderness as you peel the layers of conditioning and programming that we collect in childhood. You come home to you, again and again with every breath. 

Shannon Hawley, MSW, is a trained breathwork facilitator, sound therapist, and singer-songwriter based in Point Pleasant, New Jersey.