Deep-Imaginal Archetype Workshop

Date(s) - Sat, 05/22
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

With Intentions Holistic Studio


Deep-Imaginal Archetype Workshop
with Amanda Fresnics, LCSW

Archetypes are images existing in the human psyche that have manifested for generations in mythology, popular culture, dreams and fantasies. We can observe archetypes in the stories we read, the movies we watch and the various “characters” in our lives. Some examples of archetypes include the Artist, the Magician, the Wise Old Man, the innocent child, The Mother and the Hero.

Archetypes influence thoughts and behavior on a conscious and unconscious level, and within each of us exists archetypes that make up various facets of our psyches. One function of archetypal work is bringing the forces of the unconscious mind to the surface so we can better understand the deeper connection and motivations of our thoughts, feelings & behaviors. With this awareness we can begin healing, or rather wholing, aspects of ourselves.


In this experiential workshop, you will have the opportunity to make contact with one or more archetypal energies that are yearning to emerge. We will do this through a guided deep-imaginal drum journey followed by journaling and archetypal collaging.


Dress comfortably, bring your own journal and come with an open mind. 

1.5 hours

Face coverings must be worn within the studio and social distancing will be provided.
Space limited, please register below or by phone at 732-800-6960.

Cost: $25


Other payment options:
– Venmo @WithIntentions
– Cash/CC in-studio during Shop hours

Amanda is a spiritual counselor, psychotherapist, wild woman and kindred spirit. After completing her formal education she felt a stirring to continue her studies in Interspiritual Counseling and Direction at One Spirit Learning Alliance in Manhattan. Amanda established her own healing practice, Whole Soul Healing, shortly after having a near death experience in which she was forced to confront her immorality, the salience of this one, precious life and the importance of saying YES. Her mission is to guide people to deepen their spiritual connection so they may live a more satisfying and authentic life. She does this through spiritual counseling, psychotherapy and her signature Spiritual Inquiry Group.


Note: Contraindications include individuals with an extensive trauma history who are not under the guidance of a professional and those currently experiencing large, emotional upheavals. Please consult with a physician or trusted healer before engaging in deep-imaginal practices.