Limitless Light Language and the Bowls

Date(s) - Mon, 06/28
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

With Intentions Holistic Studio



Limitless Light Language and the Bowls
With Jonathan Carone

$25 Offering…

Enjoy the harmonious experience that Jonathan creates while he plays the singing bowls and shares the gift of light language.

Feel the vibrational sounds from the crystal bowls moving though your body while receiving the angelic peaceful tones of light language the universal energy.

Some people can speak it, some sing it, some sign or draw or write it, as light maps or codes or inscriptions.

It’s called light language because that is how it appears to the inner eye as it is being performed the words that are spoken are on fire lit with gold and have a familiarity to some people.

This language can be channeled from other beings in other realms or star systems; but mostly it comes from the higher self.

The messages that are channeled come with emotions, a nurturing feeling of comfort that flows into unconditional love for self that brings healing to any negativity that we hold.

When our bodies are off balance, our energy fields are blocked. This leaves us with stagnant energy… allowing stress, anxiety, or pain to affect us and allowing relaxation and peace to escape us…

When we are vibrating on a higher frequency this will bring us into alignment with our inner divine truth… It will bring us a sense of protection and guidance, helping to clear and balance ourselves…reminding us that we are  beautiful being of light with limitless possibilities.. helping us to connect and resonate with the sound of our hearts and the universe…

Yoga mats and comfy chairs will be provided, please indicate your preference when booking.


Please bring your own comfy blankets, pillows, etc. to place over yoga mats.
Face coverings must be worth within the studio at all times and social distancing will be observed.


Jonathan Carone is a healer and dedicated Reiki Master certified in the practice of the System of Natural Energy Healing. He uses his knowledge, personal experience, and the advanced studies of the Usui Holy Fire system in his healing practice. His purpose is to achieve personal and spiritual growth within himself in order to give back to the world and his community. As a spiritual healer, he seeks to help all living beings feel centered, find their true divine purpose, and live authentically.


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Prepayment is not refundable for no shows. This is our policy because of limited spaces because of social distancing…

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