Reiki Share and Connect

Date(s) - Sun, 06/06
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

With Intentions Holistic Studio


Reiki Share and Connect
With Jonathan Carone
By Donation

Join Jonathan as he provides a space where we can learn and practice energy healing in a loving, nurturing way…

All welcome, regardless of experience.

Reiki is known as a safe and natural form of energy healing… It helps to release any blockages in our chakras, clearing any low vibrations that are occurring in the body. 

To begin, we will take a moment and individually reflect on what we are grateful for in our lives… and why we are grateful. Then, we feel that gratitude in our hearts to use throughout our meditation. 

Jonathan will offer a guided meditation to help bring awareness to our breath and slowly sink in….Each will be invited to express their experience by writing it down or sharing freely with the group.

Together, we will shift into reiki healing… Jonathan will carefully channel energy from the universe with love and protection to help you connect from within.

You will be invited to interact with your own energy, practice your healing with a partner, beam to the room, or send out healing to a distant person/place/time.

In closing, we will take a moment to send energy out into our world, offering healing and peace. Any healers will be invited to share their gift, amplifying the energy being sent…

Reiki Share is by donation. You may make an offering by cash, CC, check in-studio, by Venmo @WithIntentions, or

Jonathan Carone is an established, dedicated Reiki Master certified in the practice of The System of Natural Energy Healing. He uses his knowledge, personal experience, and the advanced studies of the Usui Holy Fire system in his healing practice. His purpose is to achieve personal and spiritual growth within himself in order to give back to the world and his community. As a spiritual healer, he seeks to help all living beings feel centered, find their true divine purpose, and live authentically.

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