Winter Solstice Celebration 

Date(s) - Thu, 12/17
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

With Intentions Holistic Studio


Winter Solstice Celebration
With Ellie Campolei and Jonathan Carone
Offering $25 

Thursday, December 17th, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

(please see our other event to RSVP for Solstice Celebration on Monday, December 21st, 7:00pm – 8:30pm )

Winter Solstice is the shortest and darkest day of the year. Although winter is regarded as the season of darkness, the cycle of the coming of the lighter days begins the day after solstice. The light brings us faith and hope as we celebrate the continuing cycle of nature. The earth is still and quiet as she prepares for her long sleep…so we connect with her as we connect with our own inner stillness. This is the time to share in the warmth and abundance of family, friends and community and the time to gather strength for the next season of rebirth. 

Come celebrate the promise of the Sun’s return to power! 

We will gather for a fire give away and receive…honoring the harmony of life and connecting to what we are always surrounded by in nature and the universe. We will give away all things we are no longer willing to have in our lives…anything that blocks our journey. We will complete the cycle by asking for things we are willing to have in our lives. We will use candles to symbolize the light and power of the fire. We will use the sacred herbs of tobacco and/or sage for cleansing and offering. 

Enter and be given a note paper for an intention of “Release and Invitation”… 

Discover a beautiful lit alter creating a sacred place of light and new awareness… 

Immerse yourself in a transformation prayer… 

Receive a clearing – (Feather and Light)… 

Singing Bowls will be chimed throughout the clearing… 


Release what no longer serves you to the Altar of Sacred Light…

Immerse yourself in a Prayer of Blessings… 

Present your intentions to the Altar of Sacred Light… 

Singing Bowls will be chimed throughout the invitation… 


Close with a chant of “Om” – The sacred sound of the Universe… 

Join us and create a space of Joy…


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Ellie Campolei is a student of Native American traditions for over 30 years. For the past 20 years, she has been a student of the Huichol traditions and ceremonies under the guidance of her teacher, Brant Secunda.

Ellie is guided by the spirit keepers of the four directions and her spiritual guides who help her see and feel blocks in the body, heart, mind and spirit. Sacred feathers are used to clear blocks and energy, as they bring in the healing light connected to the source of creation.


Jonathan Carone is the co-owner of With Intentions Holistic Studio and a dedicated Reiki Master certified in the practice of the System of Natural Energy Healing. He uses his knowledge, personal experience, and the advanced studies of the Usui Holy Fire system in his healing practice. His purpose is to achieve personal and spiritual growth within himself in order to give back to the world and his community. As a spiritual healer, he seeks to help all living beings feel centered, find their true divine purpose, and live authentically.


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