Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life Empowerment Gathering
With Donna Sica
In-Person – Saturday’s – 10:00 am
Online – Saturday’s 12:30 pm
Offering $15

​”The Change Your Thought Empowerment Gathering” creates a space for you to understand the mind, body, and spirit connection…

As a collective group we discover our beliefs and how they create our reality on a daily basis as we journey through life…

We lovingly begin to choose thoughts and feelings that create a foundation of self love…
And through the foundation of self love, we begin to understand our relationship with the Universe and our co-creation of bringing our heart’s desires into fruition…

This is a weekly gathering, building a a community of support, journal in hand, discussing and sharing ideas, on beliefs, fears, manifestation, love, relationships, health, and wealth.

We set intentions and become mindful of our thoughts and words, while peeling unwanted layers of ” stuff” that keeps us looping in our circumstances. Together, we continually learn to create tools to release that which no longer serves us.

The Community and I look forward to meeting you, sharing in your light, and witnessing your growth and expansion…

All payments can be made at:
Venmo – @Donna-Sica
PayPal –

About Donna

of Soulful Awakenings

Fifteen years ago, Donna Sica, experienced a Kundalini Awakening, through the “Reconnection”. She embarked on a journey of working with and understanding her new gift of “Channeling.”

3 months later,  she was introduced to the “Chakra Crystal Bowls.” Intuitively, she knew, that this chance invite was guiding her to the unfolding of her purpose.

“Each time the bowls sing, I sense the opening of others, the joy of connection, and the magnificent expression of vibration and light.”
Love Is You…