Reiki and The Singing Bowls 

With Jonathan Carone and Regina Viqueira

Join Jonathan and Regina as they create a space of restoration, re-alignment, and relaxation using two modalities, Reiki and the Singing Bowls…

Jonathan will channel Holy Fire Reiki individually to each participant, as the Singing Bowls play… Each participant will receive the powerful life force energies to transform on all levels. Holy Fire Reiki will not burn you, it will burn what you are no longer.

Regina will offer a guided mediation sound bath with the crystal singing bowls, which offer a magical and powerful energy of healing and vibrational frequency. The 432 Hz Chakra bowls especially stimulate the heart chakra, increasing spiritual development and awareness. The sound bath will invite you to release emotional blockages, opening you up to love and possibility. 

Yoga mats, comfy chairs, blankets, and props provided for your use or BYO to make your meditation comfortable. 

Doors open 15 minutes prior to meditation and close promptly at start time.