Reiki and the Singing Bowls

reiki and the singing bowls with donna sica and jonathan carone

Join Jonathan and Donna as they create a space of restoration, re-alignment, and relaxation using two modalities, Reiki and the Singing Bowls… 

Jonathan will channel Holy Fire Reiki individually to each participant, as the Singing Bowls play…

At this present time, due to social distancing, Jonathan will be in the room clearing and cleansing while channeling the healing energy with care. There will be no hands on. Each participant will receive the powerful life force energies to transform on all levels. Holy Fire Reiki will not burn you, it will burn what you are no longer.

It will provide you with self healing, while allowing you to feel completely loved, safe and at peace… 

Donna will share the vibrational sounds of the Singing Bowls. A form of vibrational medicine, which validates that everything in the Universe is in a state of perpetual vibration. The frequency at which a person most naturally vibrates is called resonance. A body is in a healthy state both emotionally and physically when each cell, organ, and emotional thought creates a resonance that is in harmony with one’s being, creating a state of Bliss…

Leave feeling both rested and recharged… 

Date/Time Event
Mon, 12/07
7:00 PM
Monday Manifestation
Sat, 12/12
6:30 PM
Reiki and the Singing Bowls
Mon, 12/21
10:00 AM
Reiki and the Singing Bowls