Yoga classes at With Intentions Holistic Studio welcome all levels of ability to practice mindful yoga as one. Skillful teachers offer pose variations to provide greater accessibility to all, while we focus on the flowing movement of our pranayama (breath work) and the foundation of basic yoga asanas (poses). 


Every Monday at 9:30 – 10:45am, Nourish & Flourish Yoga with Amie
Slow, gentle movement. Good for beginners and all levels. Incorporating spiritual principals and sound healing. 

Every Monday at 4:30 – 6pm, Yin Yoga with Andrea
The slower practice of Yin Yoga works deeply into our energetic body and improves the flow of chi or prana. Seated and reclining postures are held for 3-5 minutes, stretching, deepening, opening up any blockages, releasing fascia, and allowing energy to flow freely.

Tuesdays at 1:30 – 2:45pm from 1/3 – 2/14, Yoga for Recovery: Chakra Series with Amie
A deep dive inward to discover and cultivate a self-love practice, learning how to heal and feel from the inside out. Balancing and harmonizing the seven main energies of the Chakra System in such a way that invites you to incorporate these tools into your own self-healing practice or 12-step recovery journey. 

Every Tuesday at 6 – 7pm, Mindful Flow with Sarah
This open level yoga class is a mindful movement based flow to tune into our bodies and breath (modifications/options given) and will end with a restorative posture.

Every Wednesday 8 – 9am, Flow with Intention with Andrea
This class offers you the space to find the harmony between heat and calm. It begins with intention and gentle warm up, then moves into a moderately paced standing flow. Expect moments of adventure as you explore strength and balance in your body. You’ll return to the mat for cooling poses, time for reflection and rest. 

Every Wednesday 9:30 -10:30am, Chair Yoga with Margaret
Explore movement using the chair as an alternative to the mat. All the benefits of asana or yoga poses done with the support of a chair. We will learn pranayama (breathing) and meditate together as well. For those looking to move who have issues with the floor, or those healing from injury or surgery. Open to those wanting to use chair and mat as well. 

Every Thursday at 6:30 – 7:45pm, Flow and Let Go Yoga with Nicole
Nature inspired meditative movement, slow yoga flow, breathwork, and moments of stillness in yin and restorative postures to unwind from the work week. Reiki will be offered in some restorative postures.

Every Friday at 9:30 – 11am, Functional Flow with Andrea
A mindful morning dive into the momentum of movement, through asana (body) and pranayam (breath). Appropriate for anyone desiring to learn to listen to their intuition on and off the mat. Accessible and challenging for every body. Beginning with a brief sangha and a guided self massage. Exploring the 7 directions of spinal movement, balance, and play, there will be room for questions and modifications.

Every Saturday 8:15 – 9:15am, Slow Flow with Erica
Flow into your Saturday with a loving, slow, and gentle yoga class for all levels.

Every Sunday 9 – 10am, All Levels Yoga with Scott
Combining strength, flow, stretching, meditation and energy work, Scott’s class is suitable for any level and body type. A well-rounded practice, Scott aims to meet the class where they are at that moment, and accommodates their present needs. 

See Calendar, Levels of Vibrational Energy = L.O.V.E. Yoga with Dana

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We empower you to create a practice that is unique to you. Practice in a nurturing, nonjudgmental environment.


Slow Flow Yoga with Andrea

Certified by Sonic Yoga NYC to teach Vinyasa, Andrea soon realized how much there was to learn and her inquiry continued, focusing on Yin Yoga with Sondra Loring and Sasha Chermayeff, and Thai Yoga with Kam Thye Chow. An advocate for empowering ourselves through direct experience, her teaching is playful, thoughtful, and encouraging of your leading edge. In unity with her ever evolving practice, Andrea is an ordained minister, prayer warrior, essential oils champion, reiki practitioner, kirtan lover, and permissionist. In Lak’ech Ala K’in ~ I am the other you.

Erica believes yoga is a sacred dance that brings balance, bliss and beauty into all aspects of life. She likes to live by the principles of passion and love in a way that helps others see this reflection within themselves. Erica received her 200 hr RYT from the Maui Yoga Shala in 2018 and is also certified in trauma sensitive teachings. Erica grew up classically trained in ballet and has transitioned this into a barre certification. In addition Erica has completed reiki level I&II and plans on continuing towards level III this year. When she isn’t on her yoga mat Erica likes to focus her attention towards the abundance of love she has for books, sacred geometry, dessert and the beach. 

Scott is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, an ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, a Certified Brain Health Trainer through the Functional Aging Institute, a black belt in karate, a certified SCUBA diver, lifelong snowboarder, and a certified yoga teacher. He’s also an okay juggler and a terrible surfer. 

Sarah has been a fitness and wellness professional since 2008, beginning her work and practice in NYC and then returned to her roots at the Jersey Shore. Her background was first in functional and corrective exercise and nutrition. Her life experiences, travel, and work eventually brought her into her holistic and spiritual practice which she is now available to offer to others along the path.  Sarah believes linking movements with breathe work can realign our natural rhythm and flow with the universe. When we can clear our minds and focus on the goodness life provides, we will be in our most natural, harmonic state with our environment. 

After being a student of yoga for over 10 years, Sarah received her 200hr yoga teacher training certification through Jandee and Pure Bodhi Yoga.  Sarah has a strong belief that natural conscious living through movement and the energy we can produce, plays a part on the world as a whole. As individuals can connect with their personal abilities and passions, we can empower ourselves and others to live an optimal, healthy lifestyle. When we let go and become one with our current natural environments, the true vital perspective of ‘being here now’, can be achieved.

Amie is a 200hr certified yoga teacher who prioritizes her spiritual growth after a challenging beginning. She is in recovery from addiction, and has had the privilege of helping others in their journey. She loves to sing, dance, play guitar, and do yoga. She can’t wait to see what life brings next. Amie is grateful to have found With Intentions, and the community of love and light. It is her hope that you find this same Joy. 

Nicole has been an educator since 2008 and has been practicing yoga since 2010. She is a 500 hour plus certified teacher with experience in aligned flow/hatha, yin and restorative and is happy to be back to teaching yoga at her favorite studio, With Intentions. She teaches a thoughtful and thematic practice that centers on breathwork and meditation in addition to asana inspired by nature, stories, poetry and music.

Margaret is a retired elementary school teacher and teaching mentor with 27 years of experience. Teaching has always been a love and passion. Since retirement, she has completed her RYT 200 hour as well as becoming a Reiki Master. The passion of teaching continues! Margaret presently teaches chair yoga to an elderly population and enjoys it immensely! Just as individualized instruction was important in her classroom, it now translates to the mat and meeting the students where they are…

Dana discovered her passion for yoga during a rough time in her life. She was mentally drained and surrounded by negativity. Yoga allowed her to breathe in the positive future and exhale the past. Eight years later, Dana practices yoga in her everyday life. She is a new person-physically, mentally and spirituality. She believes that yoga is a beautiful sequenced dance, that you share with love ones, heavens, and the earth. Yoga is love, and that’s all you need.  Dana is a Reiki Master and received her 200 RYT through Even Flow Yoga and Mediation with Christian Valeriani. She also studied through The Reiki Way Learning Center with Suzanne Murray for Reiki Master certification. She teaches vinyasa flow, energy flow, mediation, crystal bowl sound baths, mudras, and uses aromatherapy in her classes. She teaches us to let go, love ourselves and others.


Ecstatic dance
Release all that no longer serves you. Ecstatic Dance is a meditative gathering to connect with self, with community, and with the moment of now.

We create a safe, non-judgmental space for expression, exploration, stress reduction, and mindfulness. A no talking/no shoes experience, it is an opportunity to explore communication and connection through body movement and energies.

Polynesian Dance Workshops
Learn about the culture and the movements of the islands Hawaii, Tahiti, Aotearoa, and more.

Shake off stress, get a workout, and explore the history and spiritual significance of the dances through the teachings of the songs.