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Reiki Energy Healing with Jonathan Carone, Reiki Master in the practice of Usui Holy Fire

What to Expect…

Reiki is a holistic form of energy healing that comes from the universe and is channeled through the healer. In your session, you may feel shifts in emotions and physical effects like temperature changes and tingling…Reiki allows you to let go of things that are not serving you, relieving emotional or physical pains, and giving you the choice to release these low vibrations. Learn more here.

Singing Bowls are healing instruments that can be played by striking them or circling them with a mallet. The bowls sing, offering a magical and powerful energy of sound healing and vibrational frequency. We curate our singing bowls to the tune of our foundational beliefs of love. These bowls release emotional blockages and are said to be the most beneficial to people as a sound healing modality. Learn more here.

Readings – Seek guidance in a supportive and empowering space. Tarot and oracle card readings available by appointment. Learn more here.

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Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations. Chakra Singing Bowl Sound Bath.

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