Rising Awareness

Rising Awareness Workshop and Sacred Geometry Reading

With Deirdre Stietzel by Appointment

Rise in awareness through the experience of sacred geometry. Among the shifting lines and colors of Deirdre Stietzel’s artwork, you will have the choice to shift your own thoughts and perceptions.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry art will enrich the loving vibrations in your home, office, and life with beauty, harmony, balance, and magical healing energy. Each piece of art is handmade and one-of-a-kind. This art was created through a meditation practice, and therefore comes with a message from the Universe and a blessing…

How to use Sacred Geometry:
You can simply enjoy the display of beauty and healing energy
You can use the art to enhance a meditation, prayer, reiki healing, or a ceremony
You can use the art pieces as a meditation and manifestation board. Place your crystals, feathers, photos, sea glass, sea shells, or other special pieces on the artwork to magnify the experience of your practice.
Allow your mind, body, and soul to escape into the mystical space of consciousness and add a focal point for balance and grounding.

Select sacred geometry artworks by Deirdre Stietzel are available for purchase. Visit us at 1700 Main St, Lake Como, NJ 07719 to browse and shop.

What is Rising Awareness?

In the Rising Awareness Workshop and Sacred Geometry Reading, Deirdre will guide you through goals and tools to shift your perspective and see the light within yourself…

Private sessions can be held in-studio or virtually on Zoom by appointment, with offering rates starting at $80 for an hour.

Deirdre Stietzel is a certified Reiki master, artist, and holistic health/wellness practitioner. She works with sacred geometry art to guide individuals toward a life of authenticity, truth, wholeness, and self-love. Stietzel holds a B.A. in psychology from Rutgers University. 

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