private healing

Book a private Reiki and Sound Healing with Jonathan

Private Reiki Healing In-studio or Virtual

Reiki Healing – $40 for 30 minutes
Reiki Healing –  $80 for 1 hour
Reiki Healing with enhancements –  $100 for 1 hour
Reiki Healing with a Crystal Singing Bowl – $120 for 1 hour

Enhancements available:
-7 Chakra Essential Oils 
– Crystal Healing Wand 
– Pendulum 
– Chakra Crystals

Off-site Reiki with Jonathan & Singing Bowl Meditations with Jonathan & Regina are available, starting at $200 an hour. Please contact us for more information.

What to Expect in a private reiki healing session…

Reiki is a holistic form of energy healing that comes from the universe and is channeled through the healer. The healing experience varies depending on the intention set by the healer. In your session, you may feel shifts in emotions, physical effects like temperature changes and tingling, visualizations, memories resurfacing, and all of these are normal parts of the healing…allowing you to let go of things that are not serving you, relieving emotional or physical pains, and giving you the choice to release these low vibrations. 

Usui Holy Fire Reiki Energy Healing with Reiki Master, Jonathan Carone at With Intentions Holistic Studio in Lake Como / Belmar, New Jersey at the Shore.

Singing Bowls are healing instruments that can be played by striking them or circling them with a mallet. The bowls sing, offering a magical and powerful energy of sound healing and vibrational frequency. At With Intentions Holistic Studio, we play the chakra crystal singing bowls, enhanced with alchemy bowls. The chakra crystal bowls are made of quartz crystals and are associated with each of the 7 chakras. The alchemy bowls are quartz infused at high temperatures with other healing crystals, each offering their own healing properties. 

Meet Jonathan…

Jonathan Carone is an established, dedicated Reiki Master certified in the practice of the System of Natural Energy Healing. Book private reiki healing in studio at With Intentions in Lake Como / Belmar, New Jersey or off-site.

Jonathan Carone is an established, dedicated Reiki Master certified in the practice of the System of Natural Energy Healing. He uses his knowledge, personal experience, and the advanced studies of the Usui Holy Fire system in his healing practice. His purpose is to achieve personal and spiritual growth within himself in order to give back to the world and his community. As a spiritual healer, he seeks to help all living beings feel centered, find their true divine purpose, and live authentically.

Book private healing with Jonathan, or join us for a group meditation