private healing

Private Reiki Healing

30 minutes / $45 (in-studio or virtual)
60 minutes / $90 (in-studio or virtual)
90 minutes / $120 (in-studio or virtual)

Add-on Enhancements Available
Chakra Crystals / $10.00
Cord Cutting/Aura Cleanse / $30.00
Crystal Healing Wand / $10.00
Essential Oils / $30.00
Light Language or Singing Bowl / $30.00 (in-studio or virtual)
Oracle Card / $20.00 (in-studio or virtual)
Pendulum / $10.00

Private Reiki Healing

What to expect…

Reiki is a holistic form of energy healing that comes from the universe and is channeled through the healer. The healing experience varies depending on the intention set by the healer. In your session, you may feel shifts in emotions, physical effects like temperature changes and tingling, visualizations, memories resurfacing, and all of these are normal parts of the healing…allowing you to let go of things that are not serving you, relieving emotional or physical pains, and giving you the choice to release these low vibrations. 

Enjoy Reiki from your space

Book any reiki session with Jonathan virtually to receive via Zoom or phone call.

Private off-site Reiki & Singing Bowl Meditations are available.
Please contact us for more information on retreats, parties, etc.