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Book a private Reiki and Sound Healing with Jonathan

With Intentions co-founder and Reiki Master, Jonathan Carone, is certified in the practice of the System of Natural Energy Healing. He offers private healing sessions using the Usui Holy Fire System and teaches workshops at With Intentions.

Private Healing with Jonathan (1 hour)

Distant Reiki Healing (Zoom) – $60
In-studio Reiki Healing –  $80
In-studio Sound Bath with Crystals Bowls – $100
In-studio Reiki Healing with Singing Bowl – $120
In-studio Reiki Healing with enhancements –  $100

Enhancements available:
-7 Chakra Essential Oils 
– Crystal Healing Wand 
– Pendulum 
– Chakra Crystals

Jonathan Carone is an established, dedicated Reiki Master certified in the practice of the System of Natural Energy Healing. He uses his knowledge, personal experience, and the advanced studies of the Usui Holy Fire system in his healing practice. His purpose is to achieve personal and spiritual growth within himself in order to give back to the world and his community. As a spiritual healer, he seeks to help all living beings feel centered, find their true divine purpose, and live authentically.

Covid-19 Update:

Private Reiki healing sessions now available virtually and in-person.

Masks must be worn upon entering the studio.
Reiki can be offered in the healing room (hovering)
or at a distance in the main space (beaming).

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