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Bluemont & Operation HOPE Singing Bowl Retreat
Friday, October 6th
5:30 – 7:00pm

Bluemont Equine Sanctuary
8 Freemont Ln, Colts Neck, NJ 07722, USA

Guided Farm tour
Singing bowl with Horses

$80 Donation: Buy your ticket ahead here
Fundraiser to support rescue horses at Bluemont Equine Sanctuary & Operation HOPE’s scholarship fund
to provide FREE equine assisted psychotherapy to Veterans & their Families

Sunday, October 22, 2023

How to Connect with your Loved Ones (Without Being a Medium)
11am – 12pm
By donation, please rsvp

Readings & Clearings
12pm – 3pm 
By Appointment/
Walk-in as Available

Text/Call 732-800-6960

How to Connect with your Loved Ones (Without Being a Medium)
Sunday, 10/22 at 11am – 12pm
By donation, please rsvp call/text 732-800-6960

There are numerous ways to initiate a strong connection with the spirit world and receive detailed evidence from those around us who want to offer their transformative love and healing. We are never alone on our journey.

Join Chris Lippincott, International Medium, Bestselling Author & Spiritual Teacher in discussion on how to connect with our loved ones without being a medium. Through his evidential mediumship, Chris provides comfort, healing and knowledge that our loved ones in spirit are alive and well and still care about us.

Clearings with Ellie Campolei, $45 for 30 min
Ellie Campolei is a student of the Huichol traditions and ceremonies under the guidance of her teacher, Brant Secunda, Ellie is guided by the spirit keepers of the four direction. Sacred feathers are used to clear blocks and energy, as they bring in the healing light connected to the source of creation.

Turkish Coffee Readings with Leia, $50 for 30-40 min
Leia Amiri Turkish coffee readings have been around for centuries and used as both a energy boost, but more importantly a vehicle to understanding the psyche and connection to the divine. It is in middle eastern tradition for the reader to interpret the coffee grinds in an individual’s cup and help the person learn about the messages given from the divine. Leia’s ancestral heritage and gifts have been passed down through generations. Leia has been reading Turkish coffee grinds and receiving readings from family members for over 20 years.

Readings with Amy, $25 for 15 min or $45 for 30 min
Amy Yanella As a Spiritual guide and intuitive channel I am honored to be able to share my love and passion for working with Spirit. I set an intention before each reading to bring forth whatever my client may be needing at that moment. Whether that be spiritual guidance, validation, clarity or comfort. As a Healing Arts Practitioner I am a trained Reiki Master in both White Light and Holy Fire, and incorporate Eden Energy Medicine techniques into my personal practice as well as my clients. Using my skills and training as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist and Grief Recovery Method specialist I am able to hold a compassionate and safe space free of judgment. There are numerous modalities I use in my readings and my favorites are tarot, picture readings and art readings. I believe we are all capable of connecting to our intuition and if I can bring you some clarity, inspiration or self empowerment than I am truly grateful!

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