Join us for fairs and special events…


Fairy Fest! Meditation, Creativity, Yoga

 Sunday, 1/29 at 1:30 – 4:30pm

With Alice Fawn and Regina Viqueira
$50 Offering – Sign up in Advance

Connect with the Fairy Realm…
Experience Pure Source energy of the Fairies through vibrational toning, meditation, creativity, oracle cards, playfulness, and gentle yoga. 

Leave with your unique creations, and feeling at peace and more connected to your inner child.
Light fairy refreshments provided.

Cacao Ceremony with Madhuri
Friday, February 3rd at 6:30pm

$35 Offering, rsvp or sign up by 2/2/23

Cacao helps to open the door to the emotional heart and facilitates the healing one longs for by allowing for full expression of unresolved feelings and experiences.

Known as the Food of the Gods, Mama Cacao gives access to other realms where we can freely experience our subconscious mind, allowing us to experience and assimilate what lies under the surface of our daily consciousness. Used in ceremony for thousands of years, Cacao is regarded as a Sacred Plant that embodies the loving energy of the Divine Mother. Join us for an evening of healing, expression, medicine songs, limpia (spiritual clearing), meditation and talking circle as we sit together in ceremony with this ancient heart medicine.

Please bring your own mug.

Astrology Workshop with Carolina
Saturday, February 4th at 12:30 – 3:30pm
$35 Investment

Explore the Story of the signs, the ruling planets, and a little on the houses to help transcend our own understanding of our signs. 

Open to beginning and experienced students of astrology.

What do you need for this class: your printed natal chart!
1. go to
2. click horoscope
3. choose chart drawing ascendant
4. add in your information:
Name, time you arrived to planet earth (time you born), your city and country then printout!

If you have questions feel free to text or call Carolina Dellafiori. C: 848.888.2707

Partner Yoga with Nicole
Sunday, February 12th at 5-6:30pm

$35 per group of (2), sign up

Partner Yoga is a great way to connect, bond, just have fun and experience a new yoga practice with a friend, family member or significant other. During partner yoga, you will link your breath with another, do unique variations of poses with a partner, and participate in giving reiki to yourself and another. Crystals will be used during meditation.

Gong Bath
Saturday, 2/11 and 3/11 at 5-6:15pm
With Julie

$25 Offering
Drop-in or sign up online

Journey inside through the powerful transformative healing of sound 

Join Julie for the first Gong Bath of 2023. We will release any energetic connections no longer serving us and set intentions for the upcoming year.

Photo by Shawn Zappo

“As Above, So Below”
Group Art Exhibition Opening Reception &
Secret “STARTHROWERS” Pre-Release Party

Friday, 2/17 at 7-9pm
Free & Open to the Public
Light refreshments served

The universe…a field of infinite possibilities, cosmic potentiality in every particle.
And us, being a part of it, with the super power of creative energy.
Tune into the frequency of the universe…of you.

Join us for the opening reception of our Winter 2023 group art exhibition, “As Above, So Below” and enjoy a “secret pre-release party” with Shannon Hawley celebrating art, creativity, and collaboration.

Shannon will be sharing unreleased songs from her new album STARTHROWERS and read pieces of personal essays which give the songs more context.

STARTHROWERS is a memoir in song paying homage to women and caretakers doing the invisible, often overlooked work of love. With a clear voice and deep New Jersey roots, Shannon alternates between the anthemic and the understated, across themes of grief and praise, as well as our relationships to our history, the natural world, and to each other. Follow her on Spotify: Shannon Hawley on Spotify
Or check out her offerings on her website

Sat, 2/18 at 12:30-2pm

$20, Materials Included

Queens-based artist, DARKRECONSTRUCTION, will discuss the different methods of creating a sigil and offer time for you to meditate and center yourself. Then, you will be guided to create your own sigil and cast it into the universe with your personal intention. No experience needed–all welcome!!

KIRTAN – Jeff Eisenberg Rock & Ram Kirtan Band on Saturday, 2/25 at 7pm 

$20 Suggested Offering

Kirtan is an ancient form of mantra meditation, which has the power to open and purify the heart. Chanting, accompanied by musical instruments and rhythmic drumming, in its heartfelt expression, can induce profound states of meditation, peace, and bliss.

A life long musician, in playing Kirtan, Jeff Eisenberg has combined his love of music with his spiritual practice. He does this with a modern take, by writing original, spiritually influenced songs with English lyrics and combines them with ancient mantra chants. His mission is to bring the good vibes of spirituality to people by making music that is relevant, relatable, moving, and most of all enjoyable! 

Celebrating the Dark with Andrea and Margaret
Gentle Flow. Sound Healing. Restorative Yoga. Energy Healing. Meditation.
Sunday, February 26th at 12:30 – 5:30pm

$125 investment, Including light fare, beverages, and magic
RSVP or sign up by 2/19/23

“The dark is the greatest teacher for how to come to the light.” –Ram Dass

Through the strength of community we will hold space for each other to move beyond the limits of the physical self and the deep rest of the season. Over the course of the afternoon healing  will be welcomed through meditation, movement and mantra. With the support of props, breath, and sound healing, we may discover the commonality of the darkness within us all. And so it is.


Herbalism Workshop: Spring
Saturday, 3/11 at 12:30pm
with Sheida of Holistic and Metaphysical Practice (HAMP)

Learn about the background and benefits of various herbal and holistic medicines. Herbal medicine aims to return the body to a state of natural balance so that it can heal itself. Different herbs act on different systems of the body. To begin, Sheida of Holistic & Metaphysical Practice (HAMP) will share information and tips on Herbalism. Then, you will be guided to make (5) different herbal mixtures for this season. Leave with a greater understanding of herbalism, a sampling of each herbal mixture, and tools to begin incorporating into your every day for a healthier lifestyle!

$45 Investment, please rsvp or sign up ahead!

Spring Equinox Celebration:
Clearing, Reiki, Bowls
Monday, 3/20 at 6:30-8pm

with Ellie Campolei, Jonathan & Regina

$30 Offering, Space limited – RSVP or sign up ahead

Spring Equinox…the Mother awakens! She has been sleeping and dreaming, gathering the life force energy for the re-birth…The cold waters and blankets of snow have nourished her and quenched her thirst, slowly seeping down through the frozen earth. Now Father Sun brings her warmth and new light….this is the season of New Beginnings. Recieve a clearing, reiki, and a sound bath with the crystal bowls. Release what no longer serves you and set intentions for the spring to the song of the deer. Join together in community and ceremony…

How to write a Mission Statement
 Saturday, 4/15 at 12:30-3pm

With Brenna Keeley, Human Design reader & manager for creative entrepreneurs

Writing about yourself as a creative person can be a challenge. Knowing how much to share (“Is it too much? Is is not enough?”) It also takes valuable time away from being in your creative zone. In the workshop, we will focus on the concept of creating a “North Star”, a.k.a your Artist Statement, to help you accurately and concisely share your mission statement as a creative person. This applies to creative people of all disciplines; fine artists, holistic practitioners, sculptors, tarot card readers, reiki masters, etc. We will be using your Human Design* chart as a guide to help us!

$55 Investment, includes a personalized workbook & Mini Human Design chart so we can write from YOUR perspective & unique voice. Sign up ahead to have your chat prepared for the workshop!

HOLISTIC FAIR on Sunday, May 7th at 12-5pm