Spring Cleaning 4-1-22

Spring Cleaning 2.0
Exhibition run Friday, April 1 – Saturday, June 11th

With Intentions Holistic Studio presents the second annual Spring Cleaning Art Show! 
Spring Cleaning 2.0 is an invitation for artists to look back and let go, to show the work that is off-brand, experimental, or even a throwback. Sometimes we hold on to things that no longer serve us. Other times we hold back for fear of judgment. So, here we are to say, it’s time for a Spring Cleaning, dirty laundry and everything. Let’s air it out together…

Exhibiting artists Lauren Bohrman, Andrea Brooke, Dean Caprario, DARKRECONSTRUCTION, Nikki Daviau, Carolina Dellafiori, Jill D’Oronzo, Alexis Flack, Caitie Kohl, Andrea Maullela, Carla Valentino, and Regina Viqueira


OPENING RECEPTION, Friday, April 1st from 6-9pm

Thank you for joining us to Celebrate Spring Cleaning 2.0! We had a great time doing the CLOTHING & CRYSTAL SWAP, as well as connecting with you! Thank you to Josh Zuckerman for an excellent musical performance!


  1. Rsvp to the Clothing & Crystal swap by call/text by Thurs, 3/31 at 4pm. Provide your name, phone number, and choose an available time slot (6-7pm, 7-8pm, or 8-9pm on 4/1) to swap. Swap is first come, first serve. If you cannot make it during your slot, please let us know so we can move someone from the waitlist. 
  2. Bring a bag of clothing and crystals in GOOD condition on Friday, 4/1 at least 5min prior to your time slot. Please no holes/stains/etc.
  3. Set up! Each clothing/crystal swap participant will receive a ticket at the front desk, and get a section of a table to lay out their items in the “swapping square”. 
  4. Swap! Participants will be invited to turn in their ticket to the hosts, and make their rounds within the “swapping square” to swap for up to the duration of their allotted time. You don’t have to trade item-for-item, but respectfully choose items based on what you brought. 
  5. Pack it up, or leave it out to donate. Once your allotted time is up, or you are done, you can clear your table of any belongings you are keeping (leave anything on the table that you are willing to donate), and enjoy the rest of the reception. A donation bin will be available for unswapped items you wish to donate. 
  6. If there are free spaces on the list, you may reenter or remain in the swap. Please see one of the hosts to reenter and receive an additional ticket for swapping.
  7. Exhibiting artists will also be allowed to sell/swap (incl. additional artwork, prints, etc.), and the shop will be open… but careful shopping or you’ll have to come back soon for swapping!!  
  8. Intention. Be kind and generous. Be mindful not to take more than you brought. Only swapping participants will be permitted within the “swapping square” during their allotted time. Artists will be vending and the shop will be open for the public otherwise. And of course, enjoy the new SPRING CLEANING 2.0 group art exhibition!!