Spring Cleaning

Join With Intentions Holistic Studio for, Spring Cleaning, a group art exhibition running Saturday, March 27 through June 7, 2021.

Spring Cleaning is an invitation for artists to look back and let go, to show the work that is off-brand, experimental, or even a throwback. Sometimes we hold on to things that no longer serve us. Other times we hold back for fear of judgement.

So, here we are to say–It’s time for a Spring Cleaning, dirty laundry and everything. Let’s air it out together…

Spring Cleaning exhibits work by Matt Becker, Emily Gilman Beezley, DARKRECONSTRUCTION, Nikki Daviau, Rachel Ingrid, Tali Rose Krupkin, Erin Kuhn, Taylor Piscopo, Regina Viqueira Rossi, and Kelly D. Villalba.

Exhibition Run: March 27 – June 7, 2021

Artists Round Table Discussions: Finding your Style
Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 4:00pm – Full Video
Sunday, May 16, 2021 at 7:00pm – Video Segment

Closing Reception: Saturday, June 5, 2021

View the exhibition, shop artisan gifts, and explore upcoming classes and events during shop and gallery hours: Tuesday & Thursday 12:00 am – 6:00 pm, Wednesday / Friday / Saturday 12:00 – 4:00 pm.

Please contact the gallery online here or by phone at 732-800-6960 for private and virtual viewing appointments.


Matt Becker

Matt Becker, “Arunachala,” Oil on canvas, 4’ x 8’ - $3500
Matt Becker, “Arunachala,” Oil on canvas, 4’ x 8’ – $3500

Matt Becker is an artist from NJ. His mission is The Great Work of The Sanatana Dharma. The Work is to inspire and encourage people to seek out Self Realization through the sacred teachings of Yoga. The artwork is derived from the practices and scriptures that facilitate the energy of infinite goodness, infinite consciousness and infinite transformation.

Instagram: @observetheobserver

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Emily Gilman Beezley

Emily Gilman Beezley, “Happy Family,” Oil over Monotype on Arches Paper Framed with UV Protected Non-Glare Plexiglass , 26.25″ x 18″ – $860 (Framed: 33″ x 24″ x .75″)

My passion for artistic expression has led to a lifelong dedication to exploring a variety of traditional and non-traditional mediums. I have studied watercolor, printmaking and oil painting at the H.S. of Art & Design, Colgate University, the École des Beaux-Arts in Dijon, France, the Art Student’s League of New York and Parsons School of Design. My work has been featured in solo and group shows across the country, won numerous awards at juried exhibitions and has been collected both nationally and internationally.

Facebook: @egilbeez
Instagram: @egilmanart

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DARKRECONSTRUCTION, “Purple Rain,” Acrylic on canvas, 24” x 36” – $800

I am an emerging non-binary queer artist based in Queens, NY. I work in acrylic and watercolor paints to create abstract expressionist paintings. I’m a graphic designer with over a decade of experience. My work focuses on the contrast between urban life and nature. I am inspired by concrete walls overgrown by ivy and tree branches, train underpasses covered in graffiti and grass, a strong New York summer rainstorm beating against my window, the decaying Red Hook warehouses, tiny alleys, and the way the air smells on the first few days of September. It is my aim to create paintings that bring a moment of serenity and calm to the viewer. Life is kind of a cycle of life, death, decay, and nourishment, and rebirth, and thriving, and then repeating it over again. Especially with life forms like algae, moss, mushrooms, etc – they just spring up wherever they’d like! It’s quite evident in the city where weeds grow from cracks, moss takes over walls, and mushrooms spring up on sidewalks by the parks.

Instagram: darkreconstruction

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Nikki Daviau

Nikki Daviau, “El Color de la Pasión,” Acrylic tube and palette painting with crystals, 24” x 36”, 40” x 16” 24” x 36”$1430 for triptic, $476 each

Nikki Daviau was born and raised in New England. She received her BA and MA at New Jersey Universities, and then lived abroad for a few years. After moving back to the US, she faced the loss of her sister. It took her on a new path of self discovery and healing. The development of her artwork came through a very spiritual place. By constantly creating, she is healing herself and living her dream. She hopes to inspire others to do the same. Currently, Nikki Daviau is a high school art teacher in New Jersey.

Instagram: @nikkidaviau

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Rachel Ingrid

Rachel Ingrid, “Magic in Motion,” Mixed Media on Canvas, 30” x 30” -- $450
Rachel Ingrid, “Magic in Motion,” Mixed Media on Canvas, 30” x 30” — $450

Primarily a self taught artist, I create purely out of need to fulfill my inner urge to create. I love drawing inspiration for my artwork from all aspects of life. Life is a playful, colorful miracle; each day we are alive is an opportunity to experience joy and freedom, and this I hope to convey through my work. All pieces are original and handmade by myself. I hope to be able to spread beauty and whimsical flair to others in a way that inspires them on their own journey.

Instagram: @rachel.ingrid

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Tali Rose Krupkin

Tali Rose Krupkin, “Through the Bridge,” Oil on canvas, 17” x 22” -- $75
Tali Rose Krupkin, “Through the Bridge,” Oil on canvas, 17” x 22” — $75

Tali Rose Krupkin is an Israeli-American artist based in Jersey City, NJ. She attended Year Course in Israel, and went on to receive her BFA in Painting from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Tali is a member of the artist collective, Vision Coven.

Instagram: talirose_art

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Erin Kuhn

Erin Kuhn, "Fox In The Wind," Archival print, 8” x 10” -- $125 (matted and framed)
Erin Kuhn, “Fox In The Wind,” Archival print, 8” x 10” — $125 (matted and framed)

Erin Kuhn (of LightFoxStudios.com) is an interdisciplinary artist who earned her BFA from MICA. Her work mixes digital and analog techniques, and is usually completed on canvas. She combines technical precision with playful and unpredictable traditional art media. Her work is inspired by feminism, syncretism, magic and mythology.

instagram: peachf0x
facebook: LightFoxDesigns
etsy: LightFoxDesigns

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Taylor Piscopo

Taylor Piscopo, “Butterfly Caught,” Watercolor, glitter, copper leaf, ink, crystals, 11” x 14” -- $150 (framed 16” x 20”)
Taylor Piscopo, “Butterfly Caught,” Watercolor, glitter, copper leaf, ink, crystals, 11” x 14” — $150 (framed 16” x 20”)

I am a self taught artist, exploring the divine through various art mediums. I also am a student of astrology, and lover of the cosmic realms. I hope to encapsulate the heavens and earth in my pieces, as well as the intuitive and logical.

Instagram: @taylor_piscopo_art

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Regina Viqueira Rossi

Regina Viqueira Rossi, "Window," Recycled styrofoam, drinking straws, plaster, cardboard, battery operated light  -- $225
Regina Viqueira Rossi, “Window,” Recycled styrofoam, drinking straws, plaster, cardboard, battery operated light $225

Regina Viqueira Rossi is a NJ-based artist, educator, curator and co-owner of With Intentions Holistic Studio, a loving space in Belmar, New Jersey for community to raise vibrations through holistic and creative practices. In her multi-disciplinary art and social practice, Regina is interested in aggrandizing the ubiquitous and exploring hybridity. Regina holds an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York, NY and a BA in Studio Art and Peace and Conflict Studies from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. She has exhibited work at the Philippine Embassy in Washington, DC, El Museo del Barrio in New York City, and PULSE Art Fair in Miami, among other spaces.

Instagram: @realtime.reggie

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Kelly D. Villalba

Kelly D. Villalba, “Judy in Bloom,” 2021, Digital collage print, 11” x 14” -- $100.00 (framed)
Kelly D. Villalba, “Judy in Bloom,” 2021, Digital collage print, 11” x 14” — $100.00 (framed)

Kelly D. Villalba is an interdisciplinary artist from Newark, New Jersey. She has exhibited at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the Mueller Gallery in Caldwell, NJ, The JCAST in Jersey City, NJ, and at the Newark Arts Festival in Newark, NJ. Kappa Pi’s Art Honor Society featured Kelly’s artworks in their Spring 2018 Sketchbook publication, and she received a grant from Kappa Pi for her new media collages. Kelly graduated with her B.F.A. in Studio Art from Caldwell University in May 2017.

Instagram: @kellybleugreen

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