Tarot and Oracle

Tarot and Oracle Readings
With Rachel Ingrid by Appointment

What is a tarot reading?

The power of tarot lies in divine guidance; messages (perceived from your higher self and/or any divine presence in your own spiritual practice) provide clarity in any area of your life, whether its past, present, or future. NOTHING is set in stone; we have free will and can change any outcome if we tune in and listen to the lessons the tarot has sent us to meditate on.Through the tarot, I can assist in guiding you whether it is a small day to day situation or one of significant spiritual transcendence. My readings provide knowledge and practical techniques that will EMPOWER you, no matter where you are in your journey.

How does the tarot work?

Imagine taking a snapshot of your life in the current moment that shows all of the moving parts at play. Through interpretation of this snapshot, we can break down and discover forces that are either helping you or hindering you. We can take a closer look at the energies both within you and around you that are influencing your life. Snapshots are taken and tell a story that is presently occurring. Similarly, a reading tells the story of what is presently going on, and how it came about. It shows a likely outcome based on the current trajectory, which depends on you and your willingness to embody the lessons being presented. The tarot is filled with rich symbolism representing Jungian archetypes that we all universally experience as a collective unconscious. This makes it an excellent tool for bringing awareness to ourselves, clarity on situations we experience, and insight into our beliefs, feelings, desires, habits, and behaviors… 

Long story short: The tarot is a wonderful instrument for self-improvement, self empowerment, and growth! It is here to help guide you. But don’t take my word for it. Book a reading with me today and see how the Tarot will work for you.

What to expect from a reading with Rachel

Come to our session prepared with a specific question, or simply find out what you generally need to know at the moment. Every question is welcome, and every person is welcome. Whether it is about love, career, life changes, health, life purpose…whatever it is you choose, you can relax and enjoy this time for you in which you will feel expanded with possibility, clearer with understanding, and supported in a safe and loving environment. I am always humbled and honored to be trusted to help others along their journey, and treat it with utmost respect. All readings are 100% confidential. 

How Rachel began her journey with the tarot

Tarot cards have called to me since I was a child. When I first began my journey with them, I was so impressed by their accuracy each time I did a reading for either myself or another. Years later, here I am, unable to imagine life without the guidance of the Tarot. It has helped me during the best and worst times of life. It has enriched my life with powerful knowledge and lessons that have served to only enhance my well-being and personal growth. Today, after witnessing how powerful my readings have helped others in their own lives, I am so thankful for every encounter that allows me to guide others on their own journey.


Tarot and Oracle Card Readings
A Tarot Reading with Rachel Ingrid to receive the messages of Spirit and be empowered to walk your authentic path.

15 Minute Reading — $30

30 Minute Reading — $45

45 Minute Reading — $60

1 Hour Reading — $80
After an hour, reading time can be added for $1.50/minute…

To book an appointment, please make a request online below and we will follow up to confirm. Otherwise, make an appointment by email at hello@withintentions.com or by phone at 732-800-6960. You may also make an appointment in-person during Shop Hours.