Tarot and Oracle

Tarot and Oracle Readings


Tarot/Oracle Readings with Rachel Ingrid by Appointment

Imagine taking a snapshot of your life in the current moment that shows all of the moving parts at play. Through interpretation of this snapshot, we can break down and discover forces that are either helping you or hindering you. Similarly, a reading tells the story of what is presently going on, and how it came about. It shows a likely outcome based on the current trajectory, which depends on you and your willingness to embody the lessons being presented. The tarot is filled with rich symbolism representing Jungian archetypes that we all universally experience as a collective unconscious. This makes it an excellent tool for bringing awareness to ourselves, clarity on situations we experience, and insight into our beliefs, feelings, desires, habits, and behaviors… 

The power of tarot lies in divine guidance; messages (perceived from your higher self and/or any divine presence in your own spiritual practice) provide clarity in any area of your life, whether its past, present, or future. NOTHING is set in stone; we have free will and can change any outcome if we tune in and listen to the lessons the tarot has sent us to meditate on. Through the tarot, I can assist in guiding you whether it is a small day to day situation or one of significant spiritual transcendence. My readings provide knowledge and practical techniques that will EMPOWER you, no matter where you are in your journey.

Come to our session prepared with a specific question, or simply find out what you generally need to know at the moment. Every question is welcome, and every person is welcome. Whether it is about love, career, life changes, health, life purpose…whatever it is you choose, you can relax and enjoy this time for you in which you will feel expanded with possibility, clearer with understanding, and supported in a safe and loving environment. I am always humbled and honored to be trusted to help others along their journey, and treat it with utmost respect. All readings are 100% confidential. 

Tarot cards have called to me since I was a child. When I first began my journey with them, I was so impressed by their accuracy each time I did a reading for either myself or another. Years later, here I am, unable to imagine life without the guidance of the Tarot. It has helped me during the best and worst times of life. It has enriched my life with powerful knowledge and lessons that have served to only enhance my well-being and personal growth. Today, after witnessing how powerful my readings have helped others in their own lives, I am so thankful for every encounter that allows me to guide others on their own journey.

Pricing – Tarot/Oracle Readings with Rachel
30 Minutes — $45
45 Minutes — $60
1 Hour — $80
After an hour, reading time can be added for $1.50/minute…

Oracle Readings with Emily Walsh (they/them) by Appointment

Oracle Readings with Emily Walsh (they/them) by Appointment

The individual human being walks this Earth hoping to stumble upon purpose of some kind. Awaiting those moments to share forms of expression, what we have done, ideas we have, and concepts we ponder. The spiritual being has clarity, understanding, and higher belief in their ability for deeper thinking, expansion, and self-reflection. At times, the constant cycling through deep exploration, growth, and the stresses of daily human life brings a chaos to the mental and emotional realm. We can get lost in fear, feel paralyzed to take any next step, and/or lose sight of the true nature of who we are.

A reading with me holds the intention of creating a safe container of sacred space. Whoever you are: I love you, I see you, I am here to help support and guide you. I aim to hold conversation with you so that you can learn what resonates for you and begin to or expand in cultivating your inner compass within. We all have the innate ability to connect in with the Universe to receive the guidance we seek. I lead by example and through equanimity act as a mirror of reflection for the beautiful light within you. Come to a session with a focused area of life where you are seeking clarity, inspiration, healing, etc. Or simply book a reading and we can see where the Universe wants to take us.

Oracle is a powerful tool and form of divine expression that can help us resolve illusion stemming from mental cycling, overwhelming emotion, and stress. We take a moment to breathe and come back to balance during a session. With Oracle we are gifted the opportunity to ask for the guidance we need in the moment, opening us to divine unconditional support. Through artwork, words, and numbers on the cards we explore channeled messages received specifically for you. The card themselves connect into Earthly nature, animal, and cosmic energies. I act as a conduit for the Universe; utilizing my intuitive, clairaudient, and claircognizant abilities to channel any wisdom the cards wish to share with you, while allowing space for you to come home to the messages you are receiving.

Connection comes in all forms, yet our human being often desires to connect with others. Connection is a form of nourishment that above all else, warms our hearts, puts a smile on our faces, and extends beyond any imaginary lines or labels we have placed or adhere to. Even for the wandering, lone wolf, connection is a means of seeing that you belong. We are strong and capable alone, but stronger and acknowledged within a community.

Thank you for witnessing and supporting part of my purpose and connecting in with the beautiful community With Intentions has cultivated. Welcome! I look forward to seeing you for a reading.

Peace and Love, E

Oracle Readings with Emily Walsh (they/them)
30 Minutes — $45
45 Minutes — $60
1 Hour — $80

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